The evolution of this shock has culminated in an overall weight decrease, using an aluminium body, which has always been a very important feature in Racing for better handling response to the rider’s needs. In addition to new settings that are even more race-ready, there is an upgrade aimed at better performance and adjusting simplicity of the length and hydraulic spring preload adjustment.

TARGET is to give the rider precise control and increase maximum grip, as well as even tyre wear which is  provided by the immediate damping force. This gives confidence to the rider in the corners even at extreme lean angles, during fast direction changes and under hard  acceleration. At the same time it provides excellent stability of the rear, even under the most extreme braking, regardless of the track  or surface condition.


  • Low speed compression                                 24 clicks
  • High speed compression                                20 clicks
  • Rebound                                                         24 clicks
  • Pneumatic spring preload                               10 mm = 20 clicks
  • Length                                                             8mm


Dedicated to the most demanding of riders, it is the most extreme version of our XXF, the piston rod is treated to reach a stable performance over time.

THE PNEUMATIC SPRING PRELOADER, previously only available for official teams, is now available to everyone! Precision, speed and lightness are the essence of this new adjustment device. It works through a rechargeable tank with quick connection, available on demand.       

DLC COATING of the piston rod to reduce friction, therefore providing an immediate damping feedback during suspension oscillations.

Innovation is in the internals of the shock, with new technical solutions for improving the damping coefficient and increasing damping consistency at high temperature. The Ø14mm rod improves sliding, while the Ø30mm piston reduces the mass of the fluid in motion. These improvements have produced a reduction of inertial forces, and therefore an immediate control of the suspension oscillations. Particular attention is paid to increase ergonomics and precision of the adjusters, which are all positioned in the upper portion of the shock.

INCLUDED IN THE PACK: Specific mounting instructions and setting chart.  

POSSIBILE ACCESSORIESeasy-fit refillable tank for pneumatic preload                



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The maximum available

RACING REAR MONOSHOCK with pneumatic spring preload

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