The Bitubo JBH01V2 Dual Sport cartdidges

With the production of the JBH01V2 cartdidges, Bitubo completes the offer of the JBH series cartridges also for the Dual Sport bikes equipped with upside-down forks.
Bitubo JBH01V2 allows greater braking stability, improving also driving safety and vehicle control. JBH01V2 is Plug & Play, it requires no modification of the original suspension at any time. JBH01V2 is rebuildable in all its parts thus keeping the efficiency of the motorcycle for all its life. It is customizable by equipping it with springs with different characteristics depending on the use and by replacing the ring on the upper cap, red or black.
JBH01V2 cartridges have the following adjustments: spring preload 15mm, rebound 20 clicks and compression 20 clicks.

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