WME22V2 shocks upgrade for Custom bikes

Bitubo, thanks to WME22V2, has equipped its WME couples with the compact hydraulic preload. With this device, it is possible to change the spring preload without having to act on adjusting rings, but through a common hexagonal tool or with the optional knob.  Bikers riding this type of bike are looking for both comfort and aesthetics. WME22V2 shocks are pressurized with Nitrogen gas with oil/gas floating piston. The WME22V2 body is produced in high resistance alloy steel; moreover, these shocks have CNC machined Billet aluminium heads. As usual, WME22V2 shocks are completely black, except for the piston rod. Both shocks are equipped with CNC machined Billet aluminium heads; the body and the piston road are manufactured with high resistance alloyed steel, while the springs are manufactured in Cr-Si alloyed steel and are available in chrome or black version. In addition, each shock is pressurized with Nitrogen gas with oil/gas floating piston.
Available also versions WMEA2V2, longer than original with hydraulic spring adjustment, and WME82V2, shorter than original and with hydraulic spring adjustment.

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