New Rear Shocks for Triumph Street Scrambler

Bitubo presents the new rear for Triumph Street Scrambler 2017-2020
WMB rear couple

Spring preload (stepless)

Also available in the LOWERED and RAISED version

WME rear couple

spring preload (stepless)

Also available in LOWERED and RAISED version 

WME22V2 rear couple
With WME22V2 Bitubo introduces the compact hydraulic preload on all shock absorber pairs of the WME series. With this new device you can adjust the preload of the spring without having to intervene on the appropriate adjustment rings, but by means of a common hexagonal key or a practical and compact adjustment knob

Rear couple with tank

Spring preload (stepless)
Extension (5 or 7 clicks)
Compression (12 clicks)

Available in LOWERED and RAISED version 

WMT22V2 rear couple with tank
With WMT22V2 Bitubo introduces the hydraulic preload equipping all pairs of top of the range shock absorbers of the WMT series with a very compact adjustment device that allows you to vary the spring preload without having to intervene on the adjustment rings. The spring preload is entrusted to the hydraulic preload operated by hand or with a common hexagon key.

Do you want to know if these products are available for your bike? 

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