The range of products was developed in the laboratory and then tested on the track to provide maximum performance.

FUCHS-Silkolene, in collaboration with the Bitubo Development Department, has perfected and defined new formulas with different gradations for multiple uses, both for forks and shock absorbers. What in the common language is called 'Oil' in truth is a Hydraulic Fluid with high technological, mechanical and chemical characteristics.


These Lubricating Fluids enhance the performance and durability of your suspension, while maintaining constant the operation even at prohibitive temperatures and prolonged stresses

The range of Bitubo lubricants includes Silicone Grease, ideal for shock absorbers, used where there are high pressure, and ideal for forks , greatly improving the sliding and endurance of the seals.


The table in the application catalogue lists typologies and prices, and provides guidelines for the correct use of lubricating oil and grease


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A complete range for every need

LUBRICANTS specific for shock absorbers and forks

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