New Application for Ducati Panigale V2

Bitubo is pleased to present the new applications for Ducati Panigale V2 from 2020.
EBH Cartridge
The pressurised EBH cartridge contains a series of innovative systems such as the already known FPS, EC, LC and the new Overpressure Control System OPC (over pressure control). 
These systems are the result of a long experience of development by our R&D department in collaboration with some of the best Teams that participated in the World SBK, BSB, IDM, CIV.

  • Spring preload
  • Rebound
  • Compression
Available in the longer version +16mm

PRODUCT CODES: D0042EBH09, D0042EBH00WO, D0042EBH59, D0042EBH50WO

Rear Mono XXT11
Direct descendant of XXZ, it incorporates the experience and information collected by our technicians engaged in circuits around the world. The XXT for 2021 is aesthetically renewed and receives updates aimed at improving the internal smoothness, is multi-adjustable in compression, rebound, spring preload and wheelbase.  


       Compression               24 clicks
  • Rebound                     24 click
  • Spring preload             stepless
  • Lenght                        up to 8mm


Rear Mono XXZ31
Derived from the pluri-victorious XXF, the Mono XXZ, so far reserved only for our Official Teams, is confirmed as technologically at the top, presenting itself with a totally renewed design bringing with it many technical innovation, such as the 4 adjustments: compression and extension at low and hight speeds, with new settings designed to give the rider the best feeling possible.
Inside it is renewed with technical solutions that optimize the smoothness of moving parts, improve the damping coefficient and increase the sability at high temperatures, without forgetting the use of light materials to lower the overall weight. 

  • Low speed compression                              24 clicks
  • High speed compression                             20 clicks
  • Rebound                                                     24 clicks
  • Hydraulic spring preload                         12 mm = 24 clicks
  • Length                                                          8mm
  • High speed rebound                                    20 clicks

Products available from 01.05.2021

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